My Top 10 Favorite NYCC 2013 Costumes


Howdy!  Before I post my full New York Comic-Con recap, I figured I’d do a separate blog for my Top 10 favorite costumes!  To say there was a massive nostalgia bomb thrown is a bit of an understatement.  Among the Wonder Womans, Batmans and Powegirls, there were many amazing costumes that caught my eye and made me yell to my boyfriend “BABE, I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH THAT” or “BABE GO TAKE A PICTURE OF THAT COSPLAYER”.     This post is dedicated to them.  All photos used were taken by my boyfriend over at S ‘n M Productions!

TEN: Mick Foley (Cosplayer Unknown)


Whether you know him as Dude Love, Cactus Jack or Mankind, you were a fan of Mick Foley if you were a fan of wrestling.  We were super excited to find out that he was going to be at NYCC only to have our dreams dashed when we found out he had a very brief appearance.  Welp, we found the next best thing!  This guy was so spot on that for a split second we actually thought he was Mick Foley.  Not too bad.

NINE: Scorpion from Mortal Kombat (Cosplayer Unknown)

Mortal Kombat was the first fighter that I ever played when I was a mere six years old.  Since Scorpion first uttered (screamed) the words “GET OVER HERE” I was in love.  I have seen many a cosplay of my undead husbando (including an amazing female version done by Oh! It’s Ita) but I was amazed by the prop work with this one!

EIGHT: Kid Loki from The Young Avengers (Cosplayer Unkown)

I love Loki.  Not “ZOMG TOM HIDDLESTON” Loki (although he is quite the dapper fellow).  He’s not the best character in the universe, and he’s not exactly the best looking DESPITE what Hollywood says, but he is clever and witty.  This cosplayer looks as though she had been ripped right from the pages of a Young Avengers trade paperback.  What really got me is how incredibly shy she was when she asked to get a picture of me.  Little did she know; I definitely wanted a picture of her.

SEVEN: Psylocke from X-Men (JK Cosplay)

Kris, the “K” in JK Cosplay, always outdoes herself with her costumes.  She is also one of the only female cosplayers I know who manages to crank out costumes with practical footwear.  She has done a few other versions of Pyslocke, but this is by far my favorite.

SIX: Mr Freeze and Poison Ivy (Dynamic Cosplay Couple – DCC)

There is one thing that I am horrible at and that is the application of makeup.  From head to toe, this amazing cosplay couple were covered with gorgeous body paint and prosthetics.  I always enjoy the creative liberties people take in making Poison Ivy their own, and this has definitely been my favorite so far.  Not only were they perfect, they were also incredibly sweet.  I guess us villains need to stick together.  ESPECIALLY against my next cosplayer 😉

FIVE: Batman (Matches Malone)

I’ve seen many interactions with friends with this man and admittedly, I’ve facebook stalked his page in the past.  Once I saw his Batsuit up close and personal, it’s pretty safe to say that picture do it no justice.  Not only did he look like Batman, he sounded like him as well and not once did he break character while posing with me.  Talk about commitment!

FOUR: Storm from X-Men (Cosplayer Unknown)

Now I may or maaaay not have been a little biased with the placement of this cosplayer, but LOOK AT HER.  I’ve always wanted to cosplay the 90s cartoon Storm, so to see this lovely lady do the costume justice was like breath of fresh air.  When I troubled this cosplayer for a photo, we ended up standing together for about 10 minutes just waiting for people to take pictures.  What do ya know; we also graced NYCC with awesome weather 😉

THREE: Sarah, Mary and Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus (Cosplayers Uknown)

These three ladies haunted my dreams as a child, yet I continued even to this day to watch this movie every time Halloween comes around; sometimes more than once.  So many kudos to them for even getting the facial expressions correct.

TWO: Rita Repulsa from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Lihevn Faye)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a huge part of my childhood.  We’re talking bed sheets, action figures, the buildable Megazord; I had it all.  Seeing this amazing young lady embody the woman I hated the most when I was five brought back this eerie nostalgia.

ONE: Genderbent Storm and Rogue from X-Men (Ajuna Antoine Montano and Ralph Marques Rivera)

These two gents win my number one spot because NOT ONLY are they genderbending sexy female characters, they’re genderbending THE SAME sexy female characters that Sistercacao and I were cosplaying.  What are the odds of that?   In the massive swarm of cosplayers and patrons of NYCC, we found ourselves…as men.  They also win number one for being incredibly good sports and posing for five minutes as other people with cameras realized the awesomeness that was upon them.

There ya have it!  To see more of my boyfriend’s gallery, check out his Friday and Saturday.  Who were your favorites?  Comment below 🙂

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