Reasons Why “Let’s Rage” and “Gipsy Dharma” are awesome!


Howdy!  I’ve participated in and have held quite a few “like & share” giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, etc and for many of them I either didn’t win, or never heard from any winners.  Needless to say, I became EXTREMELY skeptical about them.  In the past six months, I entered a giveaway from Let’s Rage! Clothing and Gipsy Dharma not really expecting anything back.  AMAZINGLY  I won BOTH of them and was given an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Let’s Rage VIP team.  Today in what was a massive explosion from God, I received both packages from them today!  Below I’ll review both items :).


 I won the “Fat Cat” sweatshirt and it is every bit as bizarre as this picture shows.  In fact; pictures do it NO justice.  Not only is it extremely vibrant, it is also very soft and comfortable.  I’ve bought screen printed tees in the past and they’ve often felt very stiff, especially where the screen printed photo was.  My sweatshirt from Lets Rage is all over screen printed, and is such high quality.  Alongside the Fat Cat, Lets Rage features a gamut of outlandish sweatshirts and tees featuring anything from Amanda Bynes to Scar from The Lion King.  If you want fashion forward pieces that scream, no, grab you by the balls and roar “life of the fucking party”, you definitely need one of these in your life. I definitely plan on wearing mine to the Steve Aoki concert next week (who ironically has the same sweatshirt).

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ImageWhen I first stumbled upon Gipsy Dharma, I was absolutely mesmerized by how beautiful their products were.  Their inventory includes many different colors of handmade leather boots and clothing, perfect for festivals, Faire or everyday wear.  You can’t imagine the shock I was in when I was chosen as the winner of a pair of these babies.  Like my Lets Rage sweatshirt, my Antique Multidot Tan pair (available here) are much more stunning in person.  When I’m wearing them it’s like I’m wearing a pair of socks.  The soles are equivalent to wearing a pair of moccasins.  The leather is thin enough to wear without burning up in the sun, yet thick enough to keep you warm.  Their retro bohemian style make them a perfect fashion statement for anyone looking for something new to add to their shoe collection  I wanted to wait until Faire on Sunday to wear them but I honestly want to wear them everyday!!!

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