Photo By: Patrick Sun

Always the avid manga reader, Maki began going to conventions in 2006 and cosplaying in 2007.  Her work has granted her praise from websites such as Nerd Calibur, Nerdy But Flirty, Comics Alliance and more!  She is an official cosplayer for award winning Baltimore comic book shop Collector’s Corner and is featured in Ger Tysk’s book, “Breaking All The Rules: Cosplay & The Art of Self Expression”.  You can follow Maki’s cosplay journey, including her upcoming conventions on her facebook, Maki Roll’s Chop Shop.

Interviews/Links (most recent at the top)

> Comic Book Critic Feature

> Nerdy But Flirty interview

> J1 Studios Cosplayer Spotlight

Comics Alliance Best Cosplay Ever (This Week)

> Project Kaleidoscope Cosplayer Weekly Feature

> League of Hot Geeks “Geek of the Week”

For interviews or booking inquiries, please email

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