Black Girl Friendship Is Magic

My girl Kia dropping truth on a Friday ❤

Kasually Kia

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Hi me again,

I had an amazing weekend back in August that prompted me to reflect on my journey to making genuine friends. One of my girlfriends and her husband came up for a weekend in NY and some serious black girl magic ensued.

When I look back on who I was 4 years ago I cannot believe I have grown into the person I am now. I can’t believe I’m surrounded by the people I have in my circle now. It’s overwhelming and sometimes it’s scary. I’ve always felt that I wasn’t allowed to be happy or that when something too good happens, something bad needs to happen to make up for it. I still feel this way the only difference is I am surrounded by black girls who are quick to tell me otherwise. Girls who celebrate the time we have together.

I’ve come a…

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