How Geeks Can Improve in 2015

Pop Culture Uncovered

by Aitch Cee

Looking back upon this year, it was a good year for fandom. There were many movies that were released catering to our needs. There has been an increase in the number of TV shows over the years that have done the same not to mention an increase in the ways we can consume them. Also, the numerous big announcements of upcoming shows, movies, comics and games almost make this a perfect nirvana for anyone who calls themselves a geek. But as the year is closing and we look back on this year, as big as it was, one can’t help but note the rise of underlying negativity that has occurred within fandom. Whether it has been an issue with where the line is drawn with cosplayers and the general public about what is acceptable to some of the more blatant racism and sexism that has become rampant…

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