Countdown to Yuri’s Night Launches DC Metropolitan Area into Hyper Drive!

Hey fellow freaks and geeks! I’ve been MIA for the past month or so following Katsucon. This is largely due to the fact that I have had nonstop events and conventions and am finally getting a chance to come up for air. I wanted to share one of my favorite events that I was fortunate to be apart of; Countdown to Yuri’s Night.

Held on April 12, 2014, C2YN celebrates all things space and is named after Yuri Gagarin, the first human to go into space. Sounds intriguing? Trust me; as much fun as it was to be a guest, it was even more fun to be a performer.

Hosted by Astro Pop Events, C2YN took over the Anacostia Arts Center in South East DC and completely transformed it into an astronomer’s fantasy. Space themed bands, burlesque and a slapstick theatrical production were the main attractions of the night. Throughout the night, Rock Em Sock Em Robot competitions took place as well as an intergalactic costume contest. All of this gave it a sort of convention-esque atmosphere and made me love it so much more.

C2YN guests admiring Drinkbot

After missing my opportunity to participate last year, when Kate Davis (Director at The Anacostia Arts Center) contacted me this year, I replied to her email faster than a dog chasing its tail. Hearing that the show was Star Wars themed made me even more giddy, as that meant I could reprise my Boba Fett burlesque act. The space shenanigans follow Number Two (Matt Grant), Hansel O (Patrick M. Doneghy), Drinkbot (Andrew Wodzianski) and Captain Ballcrusher (Jei Spatola) on a galactic journey through space as they try to avoid encounters with The Whale, a crime boss looking to put a bounty on some of the crew. Interspersed with the tale are burlesque acts by Maria Bella, Gigi Holliday, Mr. Gorgeous, Candy Del Rio and myself.

Maria Bella, one of my favorite Baltimore performers, gives a stellar performance as Theelin dancer Rystall Sant.

I performed a humorous take on the world’s favorite Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett as he enjoyed a lazy day to himself.

Gigi Holliday teased and tantalized as Oola, one of Jabba the Hutt’s go-to gals.

Mr Gorgeous added a bit of variety to the mix with his wild, eye catching costumes and circus-esque performance style. I was looking forward to seeing Mr. Gorgeous perform the most, and I was not disappointed and neither was the crowd.

Closing out the night, Candy Del Rio kept the heat strong as Princess Leia in her iconic metal bikini.


The night ended with intergalactic themed tunes from over three decades from DJ Adrian Loving. Everyone was well boozed up and booties were shaking even as I was leaving at around 2 in the morning. With all three shows sold out and the Anacostia Arts Center packed to the gills with space loving patrons, Countdown To Yuri’s Night continued its strong presentation for yet another year.

Like Astro Pop Event’s Facebook Page: Here
More Photos From The Event: Here

All Photos Courtesy Of Stereo Vision Photography

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