Cosplaying while in Color

Fantastic article from the eyes of another cosplayer of color! I encourage everyone to read.

Pop Culture Uncovered


One of the biggest problems a cosplayer faces is deciding on their costume.  The decision is based on a few factors some being how much they like the character, the materials and cost involved in putting the character together and yes even factors of weather and comfort. Let’s face it, while cosplaying Iron Man may be a cool idea one has to consider the sacrifices made to pull it off. Another factor may also be for some if they are doing a character, which version will they do or how many others would a cosplayer expect to run across at a con and how would they go about making their character unique?  Go to any show and you will undoubtedly run across numerous people playing Loki (and a lot of them are WOMEN), Deadpool, Harley Quinn and a variety of other popular characters.  But there are those of us who…

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